January 31, 2014

New Year’s Goals Revisited

Dallas Fort Worth Actor Headshot Raina 2769aSo how are you doing on those New Year’s Goals we talked about a few weeks ago?

Checked anything off?
Coming along?
Haven’t started, yet?

Be honest with yourself. Did you write them down and put them someplace you’ll see them every day? If not, do it now. It really is a great motivator.

If you haven’t started, yet, don’t worry about it. Don’t make excuses. Jump in. It doesn’t have to be January 1st for you to start. Start Today.

Dallas Fort Worth Actor Headshot 1250Pick up that phone and call an acting coach.
Take a class on how to market yourself.
Schedule a new headshot.
Go to and find a networking group and go to the next meeting.

If you aren’t out there selling yourself and your talent, no one is going to hire you. One hundred percent of actors who don’t submit – don’t get parts.

And the same is true of any business. The only guarantee of failure is not trying.

Do it.