Creative Headshots for Creative People

Your image is the most important item you have for marketing yourself. Strong, creative headshots and branding gets you noticed so you can shine through.

Actors and Entertainers

Ninety-nine percent of the time, a casting director will spend, on average, about one second per image as they sift through hundreds of headshots. If your headshot doesn’t leap off the page, it may never be looked at again.

If you aren’t showing your headshot to everyone you meet, excited to show it off, you need a new headshot.

If you are handing your headshots to people and feeling like you need to apologize or explain it, you need a new headshot.

If you aren’t excited about your headshot, why would a casting director or agent get excited? Mediocrity is a one way ticket to the“cut” pile. You have to stand apart. Believe in your headshot.

Bad actors work all the time. Bad Headshots don’t.

You and I will work as a team to produce that killer headshot. Just like your auditions, preparation is key. Relax and immerse yourself in the moment to get the image that will get you the role. No one can guarantee you will get work, but the fact is that many actors and models who have seen me have landed agents, roles, and scholarships after their session. A good headshot gets results.


When a potential client looks at a business website, Facebook profile,brochure or business card, or any other online or offline publication, they look at the images first. The images they see become their first impression of you and your business. Trust your images to a branding professional rather than an intern with a cellphone camera.

We will work as a team to get the best branding we can get for your business. I specialize in people who feel they’ve never had a good picture of themselves made. We will make an image that you will not only be happy with, you’ll be proud to show it off… to say, “That’s me. That’s my business.”


Sometimes you need more than a just a photo. From musicians wanting unique album cover styles, to cosplayers wanting to fly high above the Earth, to actors wanting their images on a movie poster one-sheet, we can work together to create anything in our imaginations. Images created for past clients have even gone on to win national level awards.

Even if you don’t feel creative, we can work together to find something that truly represents your ideas, hopes, and dreams.

What I can guarantee is that you will be satisfied with the entire process. During the session, we keep working until we have the look we are wanting. Good enough is not enough. If I feel I cannot get it during that session, we will discuss the issue. If it is because you are not able to fully engage for that session (for one reason or another), I have a liberal rescheduling policy.

After the session, we will choose the images to use together. The chosen images will be retouched and you will receive the full resolution version of those files plus web sized versions of the files to use in email and for posting online. You have full license to use these images in any way you need – from promoting yourself or your business to sharing with family and friends, either through print or electronic means.

Your session can be done at your home, your office, or wherever else you happen to be. It can be set up, done with two or three different poses and backgrounds, and done before you know it.

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