January 24, 2014

Headshot Mistakes: Making Kids Even Smaller

Fort Worth Actor Headshot Shooting Down Megan Dalby 3035Continuing my series of blog posts on Headshot Mistakes … things I’m seeing every day … Common mistakes actors make in their headshots.

Children. A lot of photographers don’t like photographing them. Its hard to get them to settle and relax. Its hard to get them to stop doing that “CHEESE” smile and freezing every time a camera is pointed their way. Its true, they can be a challenge… and its easy to make mistakes. The biggest one I see is having an adult photographer standing and pointing the camera down at a child or young teen. If the photographer you’re considering has this in their portfolio, go somewhere else. If you see your photographer doing this – stop them. It makes them look like they have giant heads and are tiny aliens. In the first image of Megan, she looks like she has a giant head and skinny little sticks for arms. Fort Worth Actor Headshot Megan Dalby 3052f What needs to be done is for the photographer to get on the same level as they would if the actor was an adult. Down to eye level. Photograph directly toward them as was done in the second image of Megan here. Not only is it a better headshot, the kid tends to react better to someone on their level and you’ll get a more natural expression.

A special thank you goes out to Megan and all the actors who helped with this blog project. They were great sports in letting me purposely photograph them badly.