March 14, 2014

Headshot Mistakes: Distracting Jewelry

Arlington Actor Headshot - Distracting Clothing - Amber Fergason 6627Continuing my series of blog posts on Headshot Mistakes … things I’m seeing every day … Common mistakes actors make in their headshots.

This one is actually a twofer.

First and foremost, this necklace is completely wrong for headshots. The globes are bigger than her eyes and it stands out bright and bold – demanding your attention.

Which leads to the second one – because the jewelry is so large, it pulls your attention down – down to the low cut neckline and holding your attention there. This is not where you want attention drawn in a headshot. It might land you a role – but likely not the one you want.

Arlington Actor Headshot Amber Fergason 6613In the second shot, the most prominent feature is those beautiful blue eyes and winning smile. The hint of a camisole makes for a much more modest top. If you wanted to add a small piece of jewelry for a feminine touch, you could do it without being attention grabbing.

A special thank you goes out to Leigh and all the actors who helped with this blog project. They were great sports in letting me purposely photograph them badly.