January 17, 2014

Headshot Mistakes: Bad Posing and Posture

DFW Actor Headshot Bad Posing Amanda Van Sickle 3937Continuing my series of blog posts on Headshot Mistakes … things I’m seeing every day … Common mistakes actors make in their headshots.

It’s easy to ignore. We like to think “it’s just a headshot,” but your posture can have a huge impact on how your headshot looks. Even when the photo is just head and shoulders, you have to pose your entire body to get the most out of your headshot. This is extremely obvious when you look at these two images of Amanda side by side. The “bad” image (above) would work as a headshot – in fact, I see actors use images like this every day. DFW Actor Headshot Amanda Van Sickle 3955 In the second image, we posed her body, straightened her back, and pushed her chin out a little to get a much more pleasant look. There is no “Photoshopping” done to the second image that wasn’t also done in the first. All of the difference you see is purely from her posture.

So make sure you sit up properly (or like I tell actors in my studio from time to time – “Sit up straight like your mamma taught you”) and have a headshot photographer that understands whole body posing… so you can look your best.

A special thank you goes out to Amanda and all the actors who helped with this blog project. They were great sports in letting me purposely photograph them badly.