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Texas Headshots - Dallas/Fort Worth Headshots for Actors, Entertainers, and Business

Texas Headshots, Dallas/Fort Worth Actor Headshots and Model Portfolios

Dallas-Fort-Worth-Model-Portfolio-Katharine-Gentsch-1436m Dallas-Fort-Worth-Model-Portfolio-4494 Dallas-Fort-Worth-Model-Portfolio-6763 Dallas-Fort-Worth-Model-Portfolio-6257 Dallas-Fort-Worth-Model-Portfolio-3734 Dallas-Fort-Worth-Model-Portfolio-2438 Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-Nikki-Bradley-6238 Dallas Actor Character Headshots 5125s Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-3834 Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-4282 Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-4883p Dallas-Character-Actor-Headshot Dallas Fort Worth Actor Headshot Photographer MD 9162 Dallas Fort Worth Actor Headshot Photographer Lindsey Rayl 9052 Dallas Fort Worth Actor Headshot Photographer Gabbie Rae 6257 Dallas Fort Worth Actor Headshot Photographer Erin Crawford 6419 Dallas Fort Worth Actor Headshot Photographer Cynthia Santiago 2965 Dallas Fort Worth Actor Headshot Photographer Colton Tapp 5889 Dallas Fort Worth Actor Headshot Photographer Brent Anderson 1005 Robert-Thomas-Ross-Dallas-Actor-Headshot   Fort-Worth-Voice-Actor-Brian-Hull-8527   Fort-Worth-Actor-Madison-3790   Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-Megan-Dalby-3052f   Ernie-Hudson   DFW-Voice-Actor-Headshots-Brian-Hull-8552   DFW-Actor-Headshot-Jalen-7113   Devin-Hollywood-Across-America-Dallas-Headshot   Dallas-Voice-Actor-Brian-Hull-8566   Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-Shawn-Arani-3197   Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-Nikki-Bradley-6279   Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-Naima-30537   Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-Missy-Irvin-3723   Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-Mindy-Bell-1510   Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-Makynzie-Stevens-5954   Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-Kevin-Sorbo   Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-Jordan-Willis-2682   Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-J.D.-Hearn-4685   Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-Baillie-Duncan-2780   Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-Austin-Podowski-9558   Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-Allegra-Florimbi-5945      Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-34539o      Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-32700      Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-32462      Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-32388      Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-9706      Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-7515      Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-3299      Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-2111      Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-1913      Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-1522      Dallas-Fort-Worth-Actor-Headshot-196      Dallas-Actor-Jrnie      Dallas-Actor-Headshot-Kid      Dallas-Actor-Headshot-Erin-9122      Arlington-Actor-Headshots-Bronze-Chance-Hill-3004f      Arlington-Actor-Headshot-Alex-Moore-2889f     Actor-Headshot-Arlington

Your image is the most important item you have for marketing yourself. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the face that is looking out from that piece of paper is the first impression an agent or director will have of you; and as the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” When a casting call goes out, they may receive hundreds of different headshots in the mail. The casting directors will spend, on average, about one second per image as they sift through the pile of envelopes. If your headshot doesn’t leap off the page, it may never be looked at again.

Bad actors work all the time. Bad Headshots don’t.

You and I will work as a team to produce that killer headshot. Just like your auditions, preparation is key. Relax and immerse yourself in the moment to get the image that will get you the role.

For models, Brad will sit down with you (and your parent if you are under 18) to discuss what kind of modeling you wish to do. From there, we will work together, making wardrobe choices, discussing make up (if needed), and the kinds of poses needed to fill your portfolio. If necessary, we will schedule a second appointment to do the photography. Often, this will start with a “Comp Card.” A Comp Card is an oversized postcard that contains 5 images, at least two of which are headshots and two are full body shots (no, not nude, it shows figure, shape, and fashion).

If you aren’t showing your headshot to everyone you meet, excited to show it off, you need a new headshot. If you are handing your headshots to people and feeling like you need to apologize or explain it, you need a new headshot. If you aren’t excited about your headshot, why would a casting director or agent get excited? Mediocrity is a one way ticket to the “cut” pile. You have to stand apart. Believe in your headshot.

No one can guarantee you will get work, but the fact is that many actors and models who have seen me have landed agents, roles, and scholarships after their session. A good headshot gets results.

What I can guarantee is that you will be satisfied with the entire process. During the session, we keep working until we have the look we are wanting. Good enough is not enough. If I feel I cannot get it during that session, we will discuss the issue. If it is because you are not able to fully engage for that session (for one reason or another), I have a liberal reschedule policy.

After the session, we will choose the images to use together (or send them to your agent for their input). The chosen images will be retouched and you will receive the full resolution version of that file, two versions of it ready to go to your printer – formatted 8×10 with a border and your name on it to save you money, and a web sized version of the file with your name on it to use in email and for posting online.

Your headshot can be done at our studio, your home, your office, backstage, or wherever else you happen to be. It can be set up, made with two or three different poses and backgrounds, and done before you know it. For actors, your final retouched versions will also include image files that are ready to print 8×10 with your name on them, saving you time and money at the printer… and the websized versions will also have your name imprint for an extra professional look when posting them online or e-mailing them.

Pricing starts as low as $99, so there is no reason to delay. Contact us now to set up an appointment.

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