Fall and Halloween Instagram Day

The next Instagram Day is October 25, 2018.

What is an Instagram Day? Over a period of several hours and several locations, we will capture over 100 images of you in various activities and poses. You’ll be able to use these images to post to your Instagram and other social media outlets as a way to gain followers by posting interesting content. If you don’t know where to begin with Instagram, one on one coaching is also available for a small fee. You will want to have several outfit changes and accessories to use throughout the afternoon – we will find places for you to change.

For this session, I have planned to visit a pumpkin patch, a Halloween store, and a few other locations. We will start in Grand Prairie and you WILL have the Halloween related images in time to post for the last few days of the month and the other Fall related images will be seasonally appropriate for early November.

I am limited to 4 people. The fee is $125. You can sign up here: