One Session, Multiple Looks

An actor needs to be versatile, capable of playing any role. Sometimes its hard to tell that from a single headshot, so many actors opt to do multiple looks and characters in a single session… and sometimes that actor has such a variety of looks in their arsenal, they can […]

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Promoting Your Business

A business headshot doesn’t have to be a straightforward, head and shoulders portrait. Especially if you are in a creative field, have fun with it, be creative, and let yourself go! Amber is a local makeup artist and hair stylist and we thought it would be fun to do this […]

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Character Headshots

There is an exciting new trend for actors to use created “character” shots for their promotional materials. Beyond your basic headshot, these can be used on websites, postcards, business cards, and more… and for a limited time, I’ll be offering these at the same rates as regular headshots – waiving […]

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