November 3, 2018

Actor Profile: Jo Lorio

Jo Lorio

What got you interested in acting?
Something I always enjoyed was watching people bring my favorite characters to life. I was the kid that wrote songs and made silly plays for my family and friends as well as silly dance moves I felt would work with whatever song I heard. What better job for me?

What roles have you played?
I’ve played a high school student multiple times, a killer, a sociopath, a secretary and some really fun characters including Hilma Cygnaeus in Overlord II.

What is your dream role?
Since Wonder Woman is taken, I’m going for She-Ra.

How do you prepare for a role?
It depends on the role and the character, but one of the things I always do is think about the other characters in the story, and how those characters feel about each other, where they are, and what it is they are really saying to each other.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Be still

What’s your comfort food?
Its a toss up between BBQ & Pizza, or better yet, BBQ PIZZA!!

How can someone find you online?
IMDb: Jo Lorio
Instagram: @jo_lorio
Twitter: @JoLorioOfficial


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